Artist Life

On a Sunday afternoon, in the middle of my hometown, there is a place where everything slows down; a place full of light and color.

Here, the earth touches the house and beats in a kind of union. There is something so calming about visiting a place where time seems to follow a different set of rules – ticking to some different beat; a place where you give up trying to make plans or control the outcome. The house, the earth that holds it, and the light that permeates through it, will instruct you.  Looking through the photos I took,  It seems my camera was influenced by my state of mind; calm and hazy, vague, indefinite, and maybe a little uncertain or entirely uncertain.

When there is nothing else to do but listen… It’s as if, the house is telling a story and it is.  The images below tell just one, of its many stories.  A few artifacts of a life lived as an artist.

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