A Trip to Joshua Tree

By Evelyn Romero

Its’ beautiful hikes and sights, warm and sunny weather, spooky and friendly critters, big rocks and prickly flowers: all lead by our sweet desire to explore, Joshua Tree, CA.

May, 2019, my boyfriend and I ventured off to the desert on a little weekend getaway for his birthday. Personally, there’s no better birthday treat than to visit one of your favorite destinations. Especially, if it’s a quick road trip, easy to pack for, and with your bestie :) Planning was easy and part of the fun, especially when it came to choosing a cute/comfy AirBnB, deliberating outfits and designing a chill itinerary for a short and sweet trip.

I love to dress for the occasion and this occasion called for comfortable denim shorts, plain t’s, and some hats. *important reminder* hiking shoes go with everything ;)
I also couldn’t resist but to bring some jewelry options. I figured trying to be “cute” was not a total priority since we would most likely be covered in sweaty rock dust all day. *BUT* in the end, whatever makes you feel good inside AND outside, wins the mind battle.

Aside from cute and comfy outfits, definitely don’t forget to pack the other important essentials.

• Refillable water bottle
• Sunscreen
• First Aid Travel kit
• Bugspray

Upon arriving to our charming 1950’s homestead cabin, we settled in, made a quick pasta, had a drink and rested up for our adventure filled day that awaited us.

*Highly* recommend you experience it too! >> (

The next day, sunlight rolled up and we mapped up! Which, upon entering the national park, rangers give you a handy map of the entire park.

We set destinations for the day and stuck to them as best as possible. Our goal was to visit as much as we could. But also, if we didn’t see everything, just more of a reason to come back and visit again soon! ;) We checked off about three or four markers on our map. Some of which included Cholla Cactus Garden, Cap Rock, and Ryan Mountain (five thousand feet high later). Tiring but truly satisfying!

After that 3 mile hike (that felt like 6) and a quick stop at the market, our cozy cabin was waiting for us with nice cold drinks to help us prep our homemade dinner and good ol’ Netflix! Yes, even on vacation it is necessary. The desert sun had gifted us with energy during the day but wiped us clean as the night grew. So, being lazy became the best plan we had all day.
We did SO much and then NOTHING all in one day- and it. was. great.  

When departure day came, we figured one more drive around the national park would set us off right. Of course, right after breakfast. We then squeezed in a quick hike to Lost Horse Mine- nearby a desert oasis, by the way! After, we rested up and sat in our car for a while, enjoyed the desert breeze while eating road trip chips. Snapped some last instant pictures to stamp a couple more lovely memories, then off we went. ~ 

The car ride back home served time to reflect and laugh about moments like when we ran into TWO snakes along our hikes, fought off about a dozen moths in our cabin and to look over our precious Polaroids from the weekend.

Overall, the sweetest little vacation a birthday boy (and girl) could ask for.  


About the Author:
My name is Evelyn and here’s a little bit about “me”. I’m currently at my golden age, number 27. I’m a lover of all things such as, coffee, doggos, traveling, polka dots, movies at the cemetery, and family.
I’m a gal that loves to express herself best through fashion. Over the recent years, I have found my most comfortable and playful style, yet! A style that can be cute and curious to try new things. But of course, I’m still on and will always be on that pursuit to find my most satisfying style. Also, I’m very lucky to have a “job” that helps me express, as well as, help others find their best looks too! Aside from that, I’m also just trying to keep life simple- with love and confidence! Hope you are too!