1990's a crispen Orange Dress

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Designed by Anke Crispen (an upscale L.A.-based designer active in the 1990s) for the A. Crispen label.  The expert below is taken from the Los Angeles Times on August 28, 1998. 


“I design what I want to wear,” says 33-year-old Anke Crispen, who studied tailoring in her native Dusseldorf before striking out on her own in L.A. three years ago. “I like simple lines, but with a twist. I don’t like tight clothes or too much detail.” This fall, for both of her labels, A. Crispen and Equality, she is turning reprints of her favorite vintage fabrics into slip skirts and dresses edged with contrasting velvet or sequins. A fashion renegade, she eschews black for a palette ranging from soft mauve and moss green to deep burgundy and aubergine. And while she likes current styles, such as menswear trousers, she ignores the runway trends she considers unflattering or uncomfortable: “I don’t do hip-huggers.” Clients: Kate Moss, Laura Dern, Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty. Stores: Barneys New York, Beverly Hills; Madison, Brentwood Gardens and Robertson Boulevard; Jill Roberts, Santa Monica; Tracey Ross, Los Angeles. Wearing: her own rayon-wool knit tank top with velvet straps and silk charmeuse skirt with overdyed silk-screen pattern and sequinned hem.

*Please remember these are vintage used items.  If you want perfection this is not it! If you want a beautiful vintage item that still has a lot of life and love left this is for you.