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In 2020 Number46 Sustainable Style Box Subscribers Saved 4,800 garments from the landfill.

Be part of the circular fashion movement.

The EPA reports that textile waste has increased 811% since the 1960s. There is a direct correlation between increased cheap overseas production and fast fashion. 

By choosing secondhand over new, we disrupt the supply; less demand means less production—just one of the many reasons to shop secondhand before buying new.

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We think less is more. We support artistry. We support women-owned companies.

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Be part of the Circular Fashion Movement.

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is a system where our clothing and personal belongings are produced through a more considered model: where the production of an item and the end of its life are equally as important. This system considers materials and production thoughtfully, emphasising the value of utilising a product right to the end, then going one step further and repurposing it into something else. The focus is on the longevity and life cycle of our possessions, including designing out waste and pollution. Essentially, the ‘circular’ comes as a response to previous economic and societal models that have been ‘linear’ to date, and harmful on the planet along the way. source: